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We are a small cattery located in Ada, Ok. We have had the help of some amazing mentors.  Dena Icks introduced us to the most amazing breed of cat and we became instant champions for the cause of promoting the Ragdoll Standard.  Then we met CJ & Stormi Nell who helped us get our first breeding female.  These amazing mentors have given us a foundation we can build upon without compromising the standard.

Our Ragdoll kittens are raised underfoot in a loving home. We do not cage our cats and consider them part of our family.. We believe the quality of our Ragdoll kittens is more important than the quantity. Our Ragdoll Queens also have plenty of relaxing time in-between litters.  We do not believe in over-breeding. Our Ragdoll males have a large room of their own with many tall cat condos, toys, and plenty of attention. Our Ragdoll kittens have the run of the home when old enough to leave the nest. Kittens are nurtured as members of our family to prepare them for a healthy transition to your home.


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