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3 months

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7 months

10 months



Delilah is the sweetest girl that you could ever find.  Stormi & CJ Nell blessed us with the opportunity to bring this girl into our hearts.  She is very affectionate, loves cuddles and will let you hold her like a baby all day long. We are so excited to see her new babies any day now and hope they have her personality.  Delilah is the defender if discord breaks out in the family.  She will run in and intervene.  The most laid back personality out of all of our Ragdolls.  You can't help but love her.


Gemma is a terrific addition to our home and cattery.  She is an amazing mother and she has the True Ragdoll flop mastered.  She is a Seal bicolor torbie and she produces show and breeding quality every time.

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This is Coco Melon and she is a beautiful girl with a huge heart and she delivers show quality and breeding quality babies in every litter.  She lives close to the kitchen at all times and she is very much motivated by food.  We just love those eyes too.


Cajundolls Sugar Bear is a seal point mitted lynx and she has come to us from Eric and Anne Paul at Cajun Ragdolls in Houston.  Her father is IW BW SGC Zucchero Erijadolls.  Sugar is a Quadruple Champion in TICA and a grand champion in CFA.  We were so impressed with her last litter that we kept 3 out of the 7.  You will not find a better personality than this.


Smokey is a beautiful Blue Point that is the result of the wonderful breeding of CJ and Stormi Nell.  A very sweet girl with an amazing personality.  She always has time for love and I'm certain that she will pass that along to her babies.


Kuma is from Ashlyn Johnson at Familytimedolls and we are so excited to have this amazing girl.  Her fur is perfect and she loves cuddles.  We look forward to her babies in the fall of 2024.


Sugar Babies. 

Bottom left is Teddy Bear and he doesn't care that he is on the girl page.  In fact, he doesn't care where you put him.  He is the most laid back cat I have ever seen.  Hopefully, he will have the energy when we need him to.  Center is Sunshine and she could not be more like her mother.  A very loving and affectionate girl with a hint of ornery.  Finally, Buttercup is the most affectionate of the 3 and she is bigger than all of her siblings.  We look forward to future Sugar Babies from these 3.


Sunshine inherited her mother's amazing personality to a T.  She is a Seal Mitted Tortie and her split face is so fitting.  She is Sweet and Sassy all rolled up into one and we could not love her more than we do.  We are looking forward to 2024 with Sunshine.


Buttercup is a big sweet girl and she will steal your heart in under a minute.  She was the largest of 9 in her litter and she is still at the top.  We are so proud of this amazing girl.

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